Taping Preparation:
- Shave the area
- Wash with soap and water to remove oil, grease or lotion
- Dry the area
- Apply tape adherent to area (ask athlete if they are allergic)
- Apply heal and lace pads to reduce blister formation
- Apply pre-wrap to area

Taping Procedures:

pretaping material    This picture shows the proper material needed to tape an ankle.

heal and lace pads    This picture shows the placement of heal and lace pads to reduce the chance of blisters.

prewrap    This picture shows applying prewrap to the ankle before taping.

anchoring    The first step is to anchor down the prewrap with anchor strips.

Stirups    The next step is to apply situps to keep the ankle from rolling and spraining.

horseshoes    Next comes horseshoes to lock the stirups in and hold them in place.

heallock 1     Next the athletic trainer begins the heal lock.

heal lock 2     heal lock 3   complete

The heal lock is then complete and locked in place preventing any rolling/gliding activity. The heal is now stabilized and secure.

ankle ligaments This figure demonstrates the ligaments of the ankle   muscles This picture deomnstrates the muscles of the ankle