Type of Lesson: Webquest

Lesson Plan Title: Taping in Athletic Training: A Binder, A Resource

Discipline & Topic: Physical Education/Athletic Training- The one thing an athletic trainer does every day is tape. Taping can be used for dealing with injuries and for preventing them. With this webquest  lesson each student will use the internet to explore different taping techniques and then create their own binder filled with descriptions and directions for basic taping. Each student will also learn the new CPR protocols.

Target Population: Post-secondary grade level
Population Characteristics: This lesson is guided towards a collegiate population that deals with athletic training students that have advanced beyond the introduction stages of the profession. It deals with producing a reference binder that can be used all through out the students career
Lesson Groups: Individual

Curriculum Links: This webquest continues with the athletic training theme of the course. As the semester has progressed each lesson has gotten more in depth and more concentrated with the profession of athletic training. This webquest goes even further and allows the students to become more personal with the profession by learning actual skills that are performed on a daily basis. The skills they begin to learn with this webquest are more hands on.

Objectives: At the end of this webquest students will be able to...
 - understand the new CPR/AED rescue guidelines
- explain the different anatomy structures of the lower and upper extremities
- understand the basic fundamentals to taping in the athletic training profession
- have a resource for years to come

Media Literacy Objectives:
- Identify capabilities and limitations of contemporary and emerging technology resources and asses the potential of these systems and sevices to address personal, lifelong learning, and workplace needs
-Routinely and efficiently use online information resources to meet needs for collaboration, research, publications, communications, and productivity
- Select and apply technology tools for research, information analysis, problem solving, and decision making in content learning

Materials & Timing:
Computer access to the internet
- Each of the three days will consist of a 45 minute lesson, which will also be every other day
- Time outside of class is required to complete the assignment

Scope & Sequence:
 Day 1:
Intoduction to the assignment (5 mins)
            - Discussion on the new protocols of CPR/AED and demonstration (10 mins)
            - Students use free time to use internet to begin task 1 of webquest (30 mins)

Day 2: Introduction to task 2 ( 5 mins)
           - Demonstration of ankle taping by teacher (10 mins)
           - Students use free time to use internet to begin task 2 of webquest (30 mins)

Day 3: Introduction to task 3 (5 mins)
            - Demonstration of wrist taping by teacher ( 10 mins)
            - Students use free time to use internet to begin task 3 of webquest (25 mins)
            - Answer any final webquest activity questions (5 mins)

Evaluation of Students: Rubric

0 points
2 points
4 points
CPR/AED guidelines and article
no information or incorrect information regarding guidelines
information present but lacks article or article is irrelevent
clearly explains guidelines and useful article explainging topic
Anatomical pictures of upper and lower extremities
no pictures or pictures are not appropriate to the tasks
informative pictures but shows some organization problems
excellent pictures that clealry explain the anatomical features for the tasks, they are well organized and laid out
Fundamentals of taping
student shows little or no understanding of taping skills
student has basic understanding of taping and presents knowledgeable skills
student fully understands concepts for each task and clearly explains techniques and skills
Organization of final binder
binder contains no organization or lacks materials
binder is organized but there is some difficulty understanding topics
binders very organized and clearly explain topics without any confusion

Evaluation of The Lesson: The lesson can be evaluated as successful or un-successful by looking through each students binder. If the binders area organized and contain many different techniques and skills then it shows the students enjoyed the webquest and were able to find information on the internet. If there is minimal information then it could be time to focus on the students and how they use the internet. Also if the students ask questions from demonstrations in class or bring questions from what they have seen online, the lesson can be viewed as a success. If the students show the skills but are having problems explaining they just need some help, for most of these techniques full understanding comes from experience.

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